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The creators of the legendary titles and all this time did not sit still. They have been working hard on a new game, and now it finally came out on the screens of our computers! Meet – unique tank simulator in which you will manage the virtual fighting machine, developing it from a small and poses no threat to an armored tank colossus capable of destroying any enemy with a single shot. If you beckon colorful scene steel battles and military glory, waiting for the winner of this game – just what you need! So, are registered on the site, choose a nickname, create so – and forward to the battle!

Gaining experience

What the tanks UQ radically different from its predecessors – is the possibility of recruitment experience and leveling system. At the beginning of the game you will have a very low tank, slowly move around the map and only shoot single bullets. But we’ll fix that! See in its path colorful figures? Shoot them to break blocks, each of which is hidden a certain amount of experience. Gradually you will begin to gain levels and be able to improve one of the basic parameters. cheats

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In available the following characteristics:

Maximum health – stamina, allowing withstand the greater number of enemy direct hits. Regeneration – the rate at which health is restored. Physical damage – the damage of the unit or the enemy on contact without firing. The rate of fire – your missiles move faster and become more accurate shots. The strength of the shot – this skill allows your bullets fly through the enemy’s shells, which increases the probability of hitting. Damage from the fire – Increases the damage done by projectiles. Cooldown – reduce the time between shots.


The speed – increases the speed of the map. Besides wood skills, Diep also provides various classes. They each have their own characteristics, related to a particular style of play. For example, a sniper tank has a high maneuverability, high rate of fire and power of the shot. There are also classes that can shoot multiple bullets in several directions, classes with an accelerated regeneration and other perks. Every 15 levels you will have the opportunity to improve their grade. A good example of this upgrade – opening 45 level oktotank that shoots as many as eight directions. Impressive, is not it?

Additional Features – multiplayer game. Hundreds of players stuck to monitors, focused all their attention on a handful of pixels, which they control. As in previous games, there is valid rating system to select the best players for the leaderboard. Rating is constantly updated, so you have always the chance to see him and his name. Despite the fact that the game is still there a little longer, the Internet in large numbers have already appeared skins and fashion, introducing diversity to the gameplay and make it easier to pass. 

Due to the different builds you can develop an optimal strategy for the development of its tank and achieve excellent results in a short time. Well skins will help your tank stand in the battle. Just imagine the battlefield, Pestryaev all sorts of colors and designs! Against this backdrop, even the most colorful, bloody battle seems to be just a game (which in this case it is). Remember that in case of failure and do not be afraid to try again and again! In the end, you all must succeed!

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